t-shirt/apparel print

Just like a branded vehicle , branded apparel contributes a lot in brand awareness and it yields good results when marketing your product, services or getting your brand out there. At Raysprints we print a variety of apparel items like t-shirts, caps, jacket, bibs, shirts, overalls. No number is small or too big , we  will print it all without compromising quality. Lets get your staff in uniform and make them feel to be a team. 

T-shirt and bag

let us print your t-shirt

We make the finest artwork in the city

wher do you want your print?

1. select position

It is important to know where you want your artwork to be on your garment.

2. artwork

Remember to size your artwork according to where you want to place it.

3. print

The type of print varies with amount of items, colors of the artwork and also with cost effectiveness.