promotional items

Promotional items are like a take-away. Upon given to a potential customer, the customer may not read it immediately but however read in their comfort space. So  to indulge someone in their space it is very imperative to have  well designed and properly printed items. At Raysprint we create well-designed and professionally printed laynards, mugs, stationery caps, bags and many more promo stuff unique to your service  or product. We make sure the design is appealing and the colors represent your brand image from design to finish.

we print your designs

We make the finest artwork in the city

know the paper size

1. select size

Choose the size and quantity of your item and this is determined by one's budget.

2. artwork

Have your artwork print ready and remember to have it set to correct layout.

3. print

We can help you decide what type of print is required depending on material.